Haus sharing is like car sharing, we only rent out houses and apartments


 We have created a service that will remove the fuss from meetings with clients and cleaners from you. A client rents an apartment in 2 minutes using a smartphone, and you will immediately receive money on your account. The lease has ended - the cleaning service employee is automatically called

Cyber Butler

No more keys

Only technology


"Smart" lock will open the door using a mobile app


The application generates its own access code for each client. The client enters the code directly into the lock and opens the door. The code stops working when the rental ends.

You can control the lock from your mobile phone


full automation

your business




Our advantages

By purchasing products of our production you become our Partner and we will do our best in the form of technical, advertising, informational support so that your project is successful!


Availability and safety for customers at any time of the day or night. Improving the level of service and user loyalty.


12 months hardware warranty. Lifetime after-sales service. Reliable deals and operations.

Human factor

Language barrier, no show, late arrivals, unpleasant conversations, etc. - all the disadvantages of personal meetings in the past.


Options for all occasions

Investor repair, insurance, maintenance, sensors, cameras, remote disconnection of communications, smart home.



Flat, apartment, house, room, office, workshop, hotel, hostel,  garage, warehouse, hangar, boxes - rent and sell whatever your heart desires.



Subscriber services and equipment for rent by subscription

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Still have questions?

Rent out your property automatically with


Smart Rent Systems


You no longer need to waste time and money: the program will do all the work of the administrator

+7 (977) 140-71-24        INFO@24SRS.COM


Equipment payback:

2-6 months

Cash service:

from 1% per guest


The guest books your offer and pays the rent


The system generates and sends the client an access code with detailed instructions. The code is valid only for the duration of the reservation


The rental period ends and the application automatically sends a notification to the cleaning service. The program creates a one-time access code for the cleaning service worker


You get a photo report about cleaning and control the work remotely

How it works?